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How To Properly Care For Your Sex Toys

Sex toys are awesome and an excellent addition to your sex life, both solo and with a partner. But sex toys also become a lot less awesome if you don't care for them properly.

With anything that is going to be inserted into your body over and over again, you want to make sure it’s safe and healthy. It's imperative that you learn how to properly clean your sex toys.

Most cleaning directions are pretty basic, soap and water. But not every sex toy is cleaned the same way, because they aren't all made the same way. How you should clean your toy depends largely on what the toy is made of.

Know what material your sex toy is

Nonporous toys are ones that can be safely shared because their surfaces are impenetrable by bacteria — common nonporous materials are glass, stainless steel, hard plastic, and silicone.

Porous toys, on the other hand, are made from materials like rubber, cyberskin, vinyl, leather, nylon, and neoprene, and are more absorbent.

Wash your toys before and after every use

Whether you used it by yourself or with a partner. Toys that are washed every time last longer. If you don't, the material can degrade or become discoloured. Not to mention the bacteria on an unwashed toy. 

Use the right soap

Stick to using only a mild unscented soap on your sex toys. This is especially important to keep in mind when washing any toys made of porous materials. And also avoids any irritation to your private parts.

Sex toy cleaning sprays are also an option, because they're specifically formulated to clean sex toys without damaging them.

Don't Submerge Any Toy That Is Motorised

It goes without saying. If your sex toy is motorised, whether that means it has a power cord of some sort or is battery powered - never submerge it in water.

Instead clean these toys with a small amount of mild unscented soap and a damp cloth.

Here's how to clean your nonporous toys

Silicone: Wash with soap and warm water or place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. You can also put it in boiling water for 5-10 minutes to disinfect it.

Glass: Wash glass toys with soap and warm water. Pyrex toys are dishwasher safe. Do not expose glass to extreme temperatures.

Pyrex: Pyrex is basically heat-resistant glass, so it can be boiled, put in the dishwasher, or washed by hand.

Stainless Steel: Wash with soap and warm water or place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. You can also soak in bleach and water, then make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Heres how to clean your porous toys

Porous materials are more sensitive to temperature and prone to warping, so most should be washed the same way: with soap and warm water, either in the sink or with a wet cloth.

Nylon toys are the exception, which can be machine washed.

Use a clean towel to dry your toys off after washing them

It's important that you use either a super clean towel or a fresh paper towel to dry your sex toys.

No matter what you choose to use when you dry your sex toys off, make sure you dry them completely before storing them. Even slightly damp sex toys are susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Not only will it ruin your toys, it's obviously not something you want to rub inside of yourself.

Store your toys correctly

Don't just toss them in your bedside drawer. Keep your toys stored separately. It’s important to note what your toys are made of because certain materials react with others. It’s safer, and more hygienic, to keep your toys individually bagged.

Lots of our products come with their own pouches and bags, allowing you to store them individually.

Make sure you are using the right lube

Don't use silicone or oil based lubes with silicone toys because it will stick to the material and break down the surface of your toy. Go with water based lube instead. But still always make sure to wash it off afterward